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Dynaved Natural Health Products is a supplier of Canadian Natural Health Products. Ayurhoids and Ayulax are 100% natural herbal products which contain no additives or preservatives just pure herbal goodness. You can purchase with confidence as all of our products are Health Canada Approved and licensed so you can be sure of high quality standards and safety.  We only use pure high quality herbs to ensure our products are as effective as possible and for peace of mind, every one of products is manufactured in an FDA approved facility to W.H.O GMP standards.

Our products are internationally renowned, registered and accredited by the relevant bodies.

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Health Canada Licensed & Approved # (NPN): 80068678

boite_1024Ayulax Capsules . Constipation Relief & Detox 

Ayulax Capsules are an all in one natural herbal solution that acts as a stimulant laxative to help support detoxification and cleansing of the colon.
The formulation is used in herbal medicines to help promote bowel movements and relieve occasional constipation

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Health Canada Licensed & Approved # (NPN): 80068878


 Ayurhoids Capsules –  Hemorrhoids (Piles) Symptoms Relief

Ayurhoids Capsules are an all in one natural herbal formulation providing relief from hemorrhoid symptoms such as pain and bleeding while relieving constipation.  For best results use in conjunction with our Ayulax Capsules.

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Consumer Reviews

  • I did not need haemorrhoids surgery, I am very pleased with the result.
    A. MustaffaJordan
  • Excellent Does what its states on the box.
  • Great Products Great Results !
    Owais MailikUAE
  • The combination of Ayulax and Ayurhoids worked extremely well and fast for me.
    Mr D Wight Canada
  • Ayulax Works well for chronic constipation, i've given up prescription medicines for constipation.
    Mrs T. HinesUnited Kingdom

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No More Pain and Straining

Having adequate nutrition and fibre in your diet promotes correct digestion. This eliminates straining when needing to pass stools, which is the main reason for the occurrence of Hemorrhoids.  Straining causes pressure on the lower blood vessels, causing them to swell, rupture and bleed, thus leading to piles.  It is therefore very important to have a high fibre diet.  You should also engage in regular exercise which also promotes well being.

Ayulax capsules work extremely well with Ayurhoids as they provide relief from constipation which allows Ayurhoids to work faster in healing the hemorrhoids as there is minimal straining on the swollen vessels and tissues.

In order to be 100% sure if you have piles, it is advised that you visit your doctor.  They’ll need to know about your symptoms and may want to do a quick examination.